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+ CATEGORY Machines
+ YEAR - 2011
+ CLIENT - Mineros S.A.

This emergency brake for mining wagons was developed for the company Mineros S.A with the aim of mitigating the risk of dragging, by means of a cable, wagons of between 1 and 6 tons, in slopes of up to 80 degrees, and up to 1600 meters deep.

When this cable eventually breaks or the hauling system fails, fatalities and damage to the mine infrastructure usually occur.

The project consisted of a complete process of research, design and development, manufacturing, testing, implementation, patenting and subsequent commercialization.

In this case, an invention patent was obtained together with Mineros S.A. as well as the subsequent commercialization of this solution.


Canalón Minero
Separador Magnético
Sacos Verdes
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