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We are a company that mainly offers solutions and new innovative developments for our clients, achieved through a design based methodology, the crossing of technologies and more than 10 years of experience that the company has working in different industries and projects.

We are dedicated to providing research and product development services, as well as innovation project management through outsourcing.
We provide integral product and project development services within the framework of Design, Engineering and Innovation, focused on industrial products and new products.



We add value to our clients through consultancies in research and development of integral designs with a high degree of innovation and quality with an emphasis on the technical, aesthetic, functional, environmental and productive.


Nationally position ourselves as a center for comprehensive solutions and product innovation.


From pencils to rockets is made up of creative people who have been trained to innovate and have the ability to think Out of the box.
Additionally, the projects we carrie out not only reach the thinking, since much importance is given to the doing.
In the market there are many consultants who are experts in diagnosing problems and suggesting solutions. De Lápices A Cohetes is capable of implementing the solutions it proposes.

Business lines, products and services:

R+D+i in products, advice and consultancy in design, engineering and creativity methodologies.
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