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OUR services

Among our services are: research, design (formal, mechanical and electronic), 3d modeling (CAD), CAM/CAE and engineering analysis, drawings, prototyping, experimentation (trials and user tests, operation, virtual, etc.), management and start-up of products/projects and manufacturing of small series.

For the development of projects, we offer the following services, either individually or as a complete package:

+ State of the art research

+ Design (formal, mechanical and electronic)

+3D modeling



+Manufacture of prototypes and small series

+Testing (user, operation, virtual, impact, chemical, physical, etc.)

+Exploratory Market Research

+Management and implementation of products/projects

Over the years we have consulted and carried out projects for Colombian entities and companies such as Postobón, Zenú, Argos, Italcol, Industrias Estra, Eafit University, Enmedio S.A, Alianza Pro-genética, among others.

We have also worked on developments for foreign companies such as Virtual Engineering, GEC International and, highlighting the development of an open source design numerical control milling machine for MFG... the first of its kind.


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